Chicken flock rental

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1912344_654513301282918_3235828674829206800_oField House Farm, LLC is pleased to offer an opportunity for rental of a chicken flock of 4 hens for a 5 month period running from May-October. The rental of the birds includes 4 hens which will be roughly 12-14 weeks on arrival to the renter’s home. The hens will be on lease to the renters for the agreed upon time period. At the end of the rental period, the chickens will be returned to Field House Farm. Field House Farm agrees to deliver and remove the birds and all equipment. The renter agrees to care for the birds and equipment and have them clean and in working condition at the time of pick-up. (Delivery and pickup will be coordinated at an mutually agreed upon time. ) The renter is responsible for providing fencing and containment for the birds outside of the provided coop.

Field House Farm will provide the following on delivery:
-4 Hens
-one hutch type coop
-water dispenser
-food tray
-40 pound bag of feed

In the event of illness/death of one of the birds due to natural/unpreventable circumstances, one bird will be replaced free of charge. If a second death/illness occurs, the bird will not be replaced. A vet will then be consulted by Field House Farm for maintenance and care for the remainder of the rental period.
In the event of death of one of the chickens due to negligence or abuse, the birds will be removed without return of investment money. It will be the responsibility of the renter to ensure that the birds are kept safe from predators. Field House Farm will provide guidance for this on delivery of the birds.

At the end of the rental period, if the renters would like to keep their birds, they can be purchased for $25 per bird. The coop and equipment can also be purchased at the end of the rental period for $200.

As part of the contract, Field House Farm will provide mentorship and support as needed via telephone/email and onsite visits as needed.

Rental fee is $350 for the five month period including all equipment rental. This is a non-refundable one time payment. The flock and this contract are not transferrable to another party. Field House Farm will remove the birds if the renter choses to terminate the contract early.

Download rental contract