11th Annual Christmas Tree Recycling with Troop 490

Madison Boy Scout Troop 490 wants to help you and the environment!

For a small, tax-deductible donation of only $15.00, we will pick up your tree from your yard on Sunday, January 7th 2018 or Saturday, January 13th 2018

To sign up to have your tree picked up, please click here

For more information email:bsatroop490@yahoo.com
Please include your Name, Address and Phone number.


You may call 1-203-744-XMAS (9627)

Heritage turkeys

Please note: We are sold out of turkeys for the 2023 season.

A new arrival on the farm

calfThis baby calf arrived today!

Not your basic Butterball: People are gobbling up heritage turkeys

Please take a moment to read this wonderful article at boston.com!

heritage turkeyBY CHARLOTTE WILDER

When Stephanie Lesnik talks about her heritage turkeys, it sounds like she’s quoting one of Carrie Bradshaw’s monologues in Sex and the City.

“She’s difficult to pin down,” Lesnik said, describing of one of her Bourbon Red turkeys. “She will fly away. She’s very close to a wild type of bird.”

The birds Lesnik raises at Field House Farm in Madison, Connecticut, are as close to wild turkeys as you can get without chasing one down as it wanders across a suburban road. They have fairly small breasts and large, meaty legs, which is how turkeys naturally grew before large-scale agriculture came along, she explained.  (Read the full article)


Heritage turkeys

misfitsPlease note: we are sold out of heritage turkeys for the 2015 season.