2014 CSA Program

902979_463175707083346_905462473_oWelcome to Field House Farm, LLC 2014 Vegetable CSA Program

Thank you for trusting us with providing you and your family with summer’s bounty of vegetables. When you invest in your share of the farm, you are investing in our dream as well. We hope that you are happy with your weekly supply of vegetables.

We grow everything right here on Green Hill Road and you are always welcome to visit the farm and see how things are run. In the event of sparse pickings, I have supplemented weekly baskets with produce from other local farms that manage their crops with the same chemical free philosophies that we have. We do not use any manufactured chemicals on our crops. On rare occasion, we have used certified organic products in addition to natural elements (livestock/chicken poop, leaves, and grass clippings). This is the exception, not the norm. We painstakingly remove visible bugs or eggs from our plants instead of using chemicals. We trust that you would rather have a bug or two on your produce than nasty chemicals. We also have our soil tested by the State of CT Department of Agriculture to ensure the health of our soil.

Each activity we undertake here at the farm is at the mercy of the weather and the seasons. When you invest in a farm share, you undertake the same anxieties that we do in terms of what Mother Nature can throw our way. By participating in a farm share, you recognize the risk of crop loss or damage by weather or catastrophe.

Farm shares will be available for pick up on the farm each week. In the event that you and your family will be away on the date of your pick up, we ask that you please plan to have a friend come pick it up for their use. We have to plan for our veggies very early (now!!) and will have a surplus (or rotten veggies!) if you don’t get yours each week. Please notify us in advance if you know that you will not be able to pick up your produce.

Thank you for sharing this experience with us. We look forward to a productive season. Please download our 2014 CSA agreement here.