Fresh USDA beef available

We have a new supply of freshly processed USDA beef Connecticut raised without hormones or antibiotics on hay/grass. All cuts are available. Because this is so fresh, it has not been frozen yet. All meat is cryo-vac sealed and prepared for freezing and storage. Please call (203) 779-9187 or email for specific cuts or pricing.

2014 Prices for beef–  CT homestead raised on grass and hay. USDA processed, cryo-vac sealed.

Ribeye steaks bone in $15/pd
Short ribs bone in $13/pd
Stew meat $12/pd
Beef tenderloin steaks $20/pd
Strip steak bone in $20/pd
Skirt steak boneless $18/pd
Beef shank bone in $16/pd
Marrow bones $8/pd
Sirloin steak boneless $16/pd
Rump roast $10/pd
Bottom round roast $10/pd
London broil $14/pd
Hanger steak $12/pd
Chuck roast $8/pd
Suet $1/pd
Shoulder roast $10/pd
Ground Beef $8/pd
Brisket $8/pd
Ox Tail $10/pd
Porterhouse steak $18/pd
T-bone Steak $20/pd
Sirloin Tips $15/pd
Flat Iron steak $16/pd