New Date for Brew Dinner with Stony Creek Brewery

Stony Creek BeerOur brew dinner, originally scheduled for September 10th, has to be changed due to commitments on the school calendar in Madison. People who have made reservations are now realizing that it is Back-to-School night in Madison, so we have changed the date.

Our New Date for the Brew Dinner With Stony Creek Brewery is Thursday, October 8th at 6 pm.

All other information is the same.


Coordinating Chef Jared Posocco – A’vert Brassiere in West Hartford
Chef Derek Seigfriend- Moxie Bar in Madison
Chef Matt Backe- Rooster Company in Newington
Chef James Lynn- Lake of Isles– Foxwoods


First Course (Chef Jared Posocco):
Braised Brisket, Red Cabbage Mostarda, Pickled Pearl Onions
Beer: Cranky

Second Course (Chef Derek Seigfriend):
Garden Vegetable Quesadilla, Charred Corn Chow, Pickled Grilled Onions & Smoked Provolone
Beer: Brewford Gold

Third Course (Chef Matt Backe):
Cracker Fried Chicken Succotash, Olive Oil Potato Carrot Rosemary Sauce
Beer: Cranky

Fourth Course (Chef James Lynn):
Red Wine Braised Beefalo Short Rib, Glazed Root Vegetables, Popcorn “Polenta” & Garden Herb Jus
Beer: Dock Time

Reservations being accepted now. Charge, cash, or check. $85 per person.