The Clean Plate Club for adults

Field House Farm, LLC & A Recipe For Wellness, LLC
Present a Health-Focused Cooking Class Series
Summer 2015
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Field House Farm is happy to announce the schedule for a new cooking class series for adults, as an extension of its existing Farm to Table programming.

recipe_for_wellness_logoThe series will be led by Maya Bradstreet of A Recipe for Wellness, LLC,. She is a health professional and nutrition coach who has led multiple cooking courses in St. Louis, Missouri and now on the Shoreline where she has lived for nearly three years. Having been diagnosed with an auto-immune thyroid condition in 2000, she has successfully gone into remission using dietary and lifestyle changes. She knows first-hand, the healing power of food as medicine, as well as the value of living at one’s optimal wellness. A graduate of Brown University, she received her food training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Affiliated with Columbia University, IIN educates its students in myriad of dietary theories: from Macrobiotics & Ayurvedic Principles to today’s most popular trends. Holding a Masters degree in Health Promotion from Indiana University, she researched Community Supported Agriculture, Farm-to-School Programs, and other sustainable food systems, specifically how bringing fresh, local produce can impact and improve community health.

In the Clean Plate Club, participants will be introduced to various dietary modalities, specifically as they relate to health and healing, receiving recipes, resources & handouts as well. A focus of course, will be on using seasonal produce. Participants will leave empowered and inspired to experiment in their own kitchen to lead healthy, happy & balanced lives.

The Clean Plate Club

3 two-hour sessions on Wednesdays, offered during both the day and evening hours to accommodate busy schedules.
10:00AM-12:00PM OR 7:00-9:00PM on the following dates:

May 13, 20 & 27th
June 10, 17th, 24th

Come hungry, as participants will be able to eat/sample all recipes.
Pricing: $60/class. Discount of 10% if signed up for all three sessions in the same month.

May Series

Session 1 (May 13)

Spring is the ideal time to not only clean out your home – but also your BODY. In this class, you’ll learn the basics of Maya’s classic 5-day cleanse. We’ll make delicious recipes naturally without dairy, corn, nuts, soy, gluten, eggs or sugar…that are nonetheless tasty & easy to make!

Session 2 (May 20)

There is no shortage of ingredients that naturally promote well-being! Traditionally known and used to improve and support the immune system, we’ll investigate and create dishes that can be added to your pantry and recipe arsenal!

Session 3 (May 27)

An introduction to the Farm to Table Movement. What resources are there in our area, and what are the benefits to our communities, families, and own bodies! How do we use the best of what’s available at local farmer’s markets, farm stands and CSA boxes?

June Series

Session 1 (June 10)

Your skin is your largest organ – feed it right and it will radiate! Get your face and body ready for the skin-bearing season. We will taste some fabulous concoctions, and learn about other methods to use topically to encourage a healthy glow.

Session 2 (June 17)

How do we manage our sugar, coffee, fill in the blank addictions? Our bodies are actually trying to tell us something. Let’s take control of our cravings, listen to our bodies and nourish them to help curb our appetites the healthy way.

Session 3 (June 24)

Slimy, mushy, tasteless vegetables no longer! Learn techniques to make veggies the star of your meals, and have your families beg for second helpings.