Special Valentine’s Day Dinner

chef david borselleChef David Borselle will be back in our farm kitchen for a special Valentine’s Day celebration. There will be complimentary reception champagne provided with complimentary wine pairing to each course. As always, desserts exclusively provided by hen&heifer bakery in Guilford. $150 per person. Reservations and payment online in advance. Limited seating.

Valentine’s Day Menu

Course one: Cato Corner farms Black Ledge Blue, CT grown apple and kale salad, radish, walnut-maple dressing

Course two: CT grown Butternut squash soup, braised chicken, pickled chilies, sauteed pears

Course three: Braised FHF beef in cabbage, FHF sun-dried tomato sauce, roasted mushrooms

Course four: Chef selection on CT cheeses, FHF Honey, Locally baked breads, preserves